How Long After Sunset Does It Get Dark?

Mia Chow · Nov 20, 2023 · Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

The time it takes for it to get dark after sunset can vary depending on your location, time of year, and other factors. In general, the transition from sunset to complete darkness typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour. This period is known as twilight and is divided into three phases:

Civil Twilight

This is the period just after sunset when there is still enough natural light for most outdoor activities without the need for artificial lighting. Civil twilight can last for about 30 minutes.

Nautical Twilight

Nautical twilight follows civil twilight and is the time when the horizon is no longer visible at sea, making it suitable for navigation. Nautical twilight can last for another 30 to 40 minutes.

Astronomical Twilight

Astronomical twilight is the darkest phase of twilight and is the time when the sky is completely dark, making it ideal for astronomical observations. It can last for up to an hour after sunset.

Keep in mind that these times can vary based on your location and the time of year. In some high-latitude locations, especially during the summer months, twilight can last much longer, and it may not get completely dark for a significant portion of the night. Conversely, in some equatorial or low-latitude regions, twilight may be relatively short, and it can get dark fairly quickly after sunset.

You can use look for specific sunset and twilight times for any day in any location in our search box in the header of this page.

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